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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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developing now, a bus driver is dead after crashing at the airport. three coaches and 15 students were injured on the bus. it happened this afternoon as the team returned from playing out of state. cbs 4's jamie leerey is live tonight and the doctors there are treating some of the victims, jamie learned? >> reporter: 45 victims transported. coaches seriously injured. two of them are in critical condition this evening. 13 students were transported to various hospitals close to the airport. we are told the injuries are nonlife-threatening. we know somewhat some of the victims with less symptoms were treated at the airport. parents rushed to pick them up. >> our son was on the bus. what have you heard? >> he just told us that he is okay. that is all --
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section of the airport for those involved can recover. >> evacuated all three of the buss here and brought all of the students into this room so that we could check them out and give them something to eat and give them water and make sure they were good and call their parents. i think that, you know, kids are shook up right now and they are just waiting to go home to the arms of their families. >> reporter: another bus took a handful back to the high school where emotions were running high. >> we spoke to a student who heard what to support her coach. >> bringing flowers and balloons in honor of our football team. >> reporter: three bus loads of students and coaches coming home from a football game in california. denver police say the driver of the bus that crashed made a move back to the east entrance just before she reached arrivals the bus veered off of the side of the rod and slammed
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the driver passed away on the scene. coaches were injured. >> we lost one of our own staff members this evening and we are grieving over that loss and we are going to provide those supports for our staff and students. right now the authorities still have a lot of questions that they are trying to answer. they are trying to figure out why that bus driver decided to make a second loop and trying bus to veer off the road. a medical condition is one of many scenarios they are looking into. live from denver health, back to you. >> thoughts and prayers to all of the families. a man is in custody in connection to four shootings this morning. it started with james draper are carjacked a vehicle. he went on a shooting spree firing his gun in four separate locations. >> at least twice in those shootings people were shot at.
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human beings were shot at that we know of for a fact. we are happy that this person is off of the street. denver and aurora police caught up with draper and took him into custody and he was taken to the hospital. he is a person of interest in a shooting death of a 29-year-old woman in aurora, yesterday. following a developing story. hundreds develop outside of parker hospital, dress in blue, to show support for a deputy fighting for his life. he was shot in the chest more responding to reports of an armed suicidal man near sierra middle school. we are there, was there for today's prayer service, andrea that detective has a long road to recovery? >> reporter: he certainly does a long way to go. he is still in critical condition. unable to leave his hospital bed just yet. the community came together for one unforgettable day. >> what is a policeman? he of all men is once the most
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>> reporter: injured if in the line of duty more than a week ago. sunday, hundreds rallied along the hospital to pray outside of the detective's room. >> he did not stop. the first guy to go in and he was ready to do it. the community knows that. >> he must able to start on splints and make sure everyone goes home. >> 40-0. >> i will take it right up to his room. >> reporter: the coach, white, says the event shows his boys what sacrifice means. >> it is important they understand this is bigger than we are. we go out there and play a game we love because of poem like him. >> reporter: family, friends in his room watched from above as the community stood in silence. >> it was incredibly motivated to see how willing people were
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support someone that they never met. >> and with one final song. ? my home sweet home". >> praying for him. >> we appreciate what he does for us. >> thank you for your service. >> reporter: now, the sheriff tells me that he still can not speak or communicate but he is showing signs of responsiveness and is getting better by the day. reporting andrea flores, back to you. >> good news. people lined up to get a cup of joe from the coffee cabin. that business held a fundraiser for him this afternoon. they say every penny earned today will go to the detective and his family. now video from chopper 4 shows a fire at a sugar mill in longmonth. firefighters were called to the scene after 6:30 this evening when the crews arrived they found thick black smoke coming
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battled that fire from the outside. well, tonight, crews remain on the scene checking for hot spots. no word yet on what started the fire. another hot day in the metro area today. cooler weather heading our way. let's check it out with our meteorologist in colorado's weather center. sounds like we are saying good- bye to the 90s. >> we may be. we have a prolonged cooling trend that starts tomorrow. it will be showing you. we needed cooling a hot one. 92 for the record. set in 1951 and the high today at dia made it to 90 degrees. 2 degrees away from that record high. and if we take a look at the weather map we have hot weather over most of the nation but a cool front that is up here in the northwest. it is kind of oozing from canada into montana and idaho. what will happen tomorrow is part of it will slide down the eastern side of the rockies, seeing the temperatures go and
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low pressure area. this is tuesday at 4:00. you can see that cooler air coming in over most of eastern colorado. and it is settled in for wednesday. sticks around for quite some time. i will show you the cooling numbers coming up in a little bit. we are not talking cold, tom, we are just color. i think we will like the forecast that i got to show you, coming up. today marks 15 years since the nearly 3,000 americans were killed that day. many participated in a stair climb each representing a firefighter. 110 stories. the height of the world trade center towers. we were at the colorado remembers event for a tribute concert. >> today, colorado remembers september 11th.
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shook all of us, our nation, our community here even in colorado. >> reporter: the ceremony began with a march of 300 military members from the state capitol building to civic center park. >> we witnessed courage and heroism from ordinary men and women. >> reporter: e elected officials honored the first responders who rushed in to rescue victims from the burning building. >> no place like america. there is no place. >> reporter: r planes hit. >> we can see the fires from the building and thes mass of people walking from lower manhattan to try to escape. >> now he is paying tribute to the bravery that saved lives and to the thousands that lost their lives on that unforgettable day 15 years ago. >> i was in 5th grade. we walked into the school, they had it on the news. >> reporter: they lost a cousin in the attack.
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and i mean all we can do is educate our children that acts like that don't represent the people of the world. >> the world trade center, south tower, new york city, new york, 9:03 a.m. [bell ringing] >> reporter: back to you. . three candidates for colorado's u.s. senate seats shared the junction. they discussed health care and affordable care act. >> when you start looking at the fact that you were made a promise you would be able to keep your doctor, you were able to keep your insurance providers and now when you are looking at the western slope we are down to 3 insurance providers we deserve better. >> hour health care system had big problems before the affordable care act passed and
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more people have health insurance more than before. half million live in colorado and a bunch of people had pre- existing conditions and could have been passed off of their insurance before this law. but we do need to make changes. >> i will vote for balanced budget. we need to cut spending. our government is broke. our country do you two parties understand simple math? you should of sent some of them home. >> time. [cheers and applause] >> debate was sponsored by club 20. a group representing the western slope. right now, new health concerns surrounding hillary clinton after she nearly collapses in new york city.
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